What Rebar Straightening Machines For Sale ? Look at these images, they are the rebar straightening machines we manufacture and supplying

There are so many suppliers on B2B platform, good and evil suppliers mixed up, many of them are traders, not original factory, these B2B platform come from China, India, Pakistan and so on…..

The suppliers in India, all of them get these rebar scrap straightening machines from China, the following machines are hot sales model in India, for sure, and these machine all come from our factory, through trading company.

In this post, we are going to show you rebar straightening machines, without cutting. it’s very good for scrap rebar, rebar waste, bent rebar, pieces rebar straightening and recycling,

Cover Ø2mm~Ø25mm sizes, no problem!

So far, we sale these machines to Philippines, Indonesia, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Bangladesh, Iraq, Pakistan, India, Canada, Costa Rica and so on…. If you are in these countries, so you have opportunities to have a look at this live demo machines

You can find more machine pictures on Pinterest, all are live demo machines delivery to our customers

And you can also find machine videos on YouTube, all videos are live videos we made.

Well, by the way, you can also see the rebar straightening and cutting machine we manufacture and sale. cover Ø2mm~Ø14mm sizes, all are digital/CNC, automatic. it’s good for rebar coil straightening and cutting.