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Straightening Cutting Machines For Sale

What is a straightening cutting machine, it’s a machine straightening and cutting wire or rebar from the coil, with high speed rotor system.

When we straight wire, rebar and steel, our goal is to achieve consistent results even when using very different qualities of iron materials, rotor straightening system technology guarantees optimal processing and the fulfillment of applicable norms, The tried and tested multi-rotor straightening system technique and the fly cutting system, ensure precise, gentle straightening and cutting

What materials the straightening cutting machines can process? Smooth and ribbed wires or rebar from 2 to 14 mm diameter, precision straight, cut-to-length wire

Straightening Cutting Machines Display

Wire Straightening And Cutting

GT2-5 straightening cutting machines

If you want to straight and cut telegraph pole wire, cages wire, barbecue grill wire and others…

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Rebar Straightening And Cutting

GT4-12 straightening cutting machines

Rebar straightening cutting machine can straight rebar coil…

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Bar Straightening And Cutting

GT4-14A straightening cutting machines

You can straight cut bar in high accuracy 95%+ with this machine, good for bar coil and rebar coil…

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Rod Straightening And Cutting

GT4-14B straightening cutting machines

How can we straight cut rod wire coil, this machine is automatic and cnc…

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Steel Coil Straightening Cutting

GT4-14C straightening cutting machines

This is a heavy duty steel coil straightening and cutting machine, fast and high accuracy…

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TMT Straightening And Cutting

GT4-14D straightening cutting machines

This is a heavy duty TMT straightening & cutting machine, very fast and high accuracy…

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